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Tyra Could NEVER be Oprah

First let me start by saying I'm a huge fan of Tyra and appreciate her efforts and accomplishments in the modeling industry. But it stops there..... As far as her talk show, I think she's out of place and has nothing to offer her guests or audience.

One of her latest episodes is a prime example of this. Did anyone see "The Pregnant Prostitute?"

If you did then I would love to hear your thoughts on the show......For those of you that didn't, the title speaks for itself.

The episode aired Saturday, March 7 and featured a young pregnant woman that was prostituting to support herself and her unborn child. Tyra completely demeaned and embarrassed the young woman throughout the entire show, and had no resolutions or encouragement to offer.

Tyra referred to her as a pregnant prostitute rather than calling her by name. She even had the audacity to take the camera crew behind the scenes to film the young woman's encounter with one of her clients. Camera crews followed the woman and her client into the bedroom and taped everything except the sexual intercourse (looked like soft-porn if you ask me). It was terrible and unnecessary.

I was waiting for a counselor or a prostitute turned Christian, to appear on the show and give the young woman support or guidance, but there was nothing. Only Tyra ranting about her being a pregnant prostitute. I'm so disappointed in Tyra. This was her opportutnity to help somoene that was clearly crying for help.....instead Tyra exploited and embarrased her on national TV and sent her home feeling worse than she came...........Not an Oprah move Tyra.

Stick to what you do best, modeling!!