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Angry McD's Customer Calls 911

Latresha Goodman was denied a refund on her 10 piece chicken Mcnugget order, so she called 911 to the rescue.

Apparently, Latresha ordered and paid for her meal at a Florida McDonalds, but never received it because they ran out of nuggets. Latresha didn't want anything else on the menu, so she asked for her money back, but the manager refused, and demanded she choose something else.

Hungry and angry, Latresha called police to the scene. Click below to hear her telephone call to dispatch!

What would you do in this situation, pick something else, demand a refund, or leave hungry and short changed? I know I would've asked for my money back....doesn't matter the amount, its all about the principle. If the manager refused to refund MY money, there would have been patties flying and fries burning. Someone would have called an ambulance to rescue the manager from a McKnuckle sandwich.

During a recession you can't play with people's food and their money.....that manager is lucky she was dealing someone as civil as Latresha. Things could have been much worse!!!

After the whole ordeal Latresha walked away hungry and few dollars short. A McDonalds rep later commented on the issue saying they would refund Latresha her money and offer her a chicken Mcnugget meal on the house. Hopefully Latresha makes it to the McD's before they run out of nuggets again!!!