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Rihanna Speak to 20/20 Full Version

After listening to Rihanna speak about the incident, I can't help but feel a way about Chris Brown. To know that Rihanna did not provoke the situation and that there was no alcohol involved, it really damages and reveals Chris' character to the world.

Rihanna made a good point when she explained what being young and having alot of fortune and fame does to someone. When there are no boundaries, no worries a person begins to feel invincible, which is not a healthy situation. We see this in alot of celebrities that experience trouble with the law, and it's truly a lesson and wake up call, but it's too bad Chris and Rihanna had to experience it in this way.

The timing couldn't have been better for Rihanna to speak about the incident, now that time has passed and her feelings are settled. I can't say the same for Chris, since he has an album coming out....I wonder how this will affect his sales.