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Beanie Sigel & Freeway Perform in Va

Ned Devines in Sterling, Va has become a host for hot celebrity performances. Having featured some of the industrys' hottest legends and upcoming artists such as, Cassidy, Raekwon and Angel Lola Luv, you never know who may stop through.

Last night, Beanie Sigel graced the stage performing some of his hottest hits, along side Freeway. I can honestly say that Beanie is a straight up hood nigga. From his attire, demeanor and attitude you can tell he keeps it real hood. Throughout his performance he blocked cameras from filming him and even requested the tapes from those who shot footage.

I wasn't one of those he asked to stop taping, or to hand over my you know I got a little dose of his performance. Footage coming soon!!


1Shot Mike said...

What up Monique thanks for covering the event. This is 1Shot Mike of 1Shot Enterprise the event promoter along with Sukarno Collection for the Beanie Siegal and Freeway Show, we got more where that came from so stay tuned and make sure they know it's not the club there are some serious promoters taking risk and making events like the Beanie Sigel, Raekwon, AZ shows happen. Now it's on VA party-goers to show their support. It's time we put the "V" in the DMV cuz The V got something to say, that's all I got to say.
Over & Out!