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Evelyn's Back In The League...

...almost, I guess. The latest news about Ms. "Basketball Wife" girlfriend, is that she's dating Cincinnati Bengal's wide receiver, Chad Ochcocinco. Although the two, pictured below, look like a cute item, I'm not feeling it one bit. Why am I hating? Because I don't like Evelyn. If she's not rocking the cradle, she's throwing back drinks and criticizing people like she's God's greatest gift. Besides, it bothers me when gold diggers snag a pretty decent dude. While Chad's VH1 reality show "The Ultimate Catch" is a joke, I'm happy to see that he didn't pick any of the Becky's on set.

Gossip from the streets, says Chad will be making a guest appearance on the second season of "Basketball Wives" along with the most hated...Gloria and Matt. Can't wait to see the drama unfold...stay tuned!!