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Dirty Money on American Idol

P. Diddy's new group "Dirty Money" performed on American Idol the other night...check it out!

I didn't know the group included Dawn Richard, Kaleena and P. Diddy himself? How does the producer and CEO of a label put himself in a group? AND WHY is Diddy dancing around like it's 1999? I don't get it, but its WHACK.

I don't know why but I feel like Diddy is the worst person to work with in the industry. Most of the artist (besides Mary J. and Lil Kim) that have signed with him are BROKE and DEAD in the music game....its like he signs artists to a suicide contract and leaves them broke and hung out to dry. Then if you try to do an album or video...he has to be in it, stealing all the shine.

Nobody wants to see a middle-aged "stuck in my second child-hood" man singing in a group. Hang it up Diddy.